Pedes In Orbis (Walking in Circles)

Graduation Collection

With ‘carrying’ as the backbone of the concept the story of Pedes in orbis was developed, which is Latin for ‘walking in circles’. This is a story of survival, the survival of seven men in a distant future. They scavenge the surface of what was once the great western civilization. They are looking for useful scrap, treasures that will help them survive another day walking in circles in the infinite desert. That is what you do in deserts, but not all deserts are made out of sand.

The garments are designed using the core elements of carrying such as rolling, tying, strapping, stretching and hanging. By returned to the origin of the backpack: a frame that carries things. Translations in the collection include rolled elastic waistlines that secure the trousers and waistbands made from tied plastic bags and rope. Messy hand stitching and punched woollen seaming contradicts the industrial finishing known from sportswear. 
Another contrast is found in the vivid colour blocking. The colour palette is based on a picture of a sand dune; the orange sand in shades of red turns into pink and purple when it mingles with the blue sky due to the wind.

Returning element in the collection is the pelican, for it’s pouch is a natural carrier. The animal and backpack are one; a frame is a container to carry.
Trash becomes treasure. 
This is couture for men.

The collection was accompanied by a graphic novel with the same name. For this Pablo collaborated with illustrator Job Kind. In the visual story the collection came alive.